Architectural premiers in Mir-7/3 residential estate

On the eve of the Independence Day, Ashgabat citizens got a wonderful present - two new high-rise apartment houses raised in Mir-7/3 residential estate in the south of the Turkmen capital. The opening ceremony that brought together the representatives of the municipal administration, public organisations, artistic groups, the elders and happy owners of new apartments turned into a big festivity.

Ashgabat becomes more beautiful with every passing day, widening the borders of the rapidly developing megalopolis as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Within the last years, the whole districts have been reconstructed, new residential estates have been raised with all necessary infrastructure, parks and gardens have been laid and hundreds of new facilities have been built, including the unique architectural objects that got the awards of the prestigious international contests.

Large microregion Mir-7 stands as a bright evidence of the housing construction programme launched in the Turkmen capital. New Mir-7 residential estate that is erected on the 30-hectare territory on the intersection of the streets Yunus Emre, Alty Karliev, Baba Annanov and 10 yyl Abadancylyk rapidly growth as a part of the large-scale development. Eight apartment houses of 27 typical nine-storey apartment houses to be built there as well as a secondary school designed for 600 students and a kindergarten designed for 160 children, an out-patient hospital and a trading centre were put into operation.

Happy new settlers got the keys to 144 apartments with improved conditions in two high-rise buildings. The standardized buildings are designed based on the constructive solutions of the foundations, roofs, ceilings, walls.

One of the houses is designed for 108 one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments. There are 18 four- and five-room apartments with a large living area, additional auxiliary rooms in the second house. Kitchen, dining room, spacious hall fully satisfy the high requirements of comfort and coziness. The high-quality built-in modern furniture is produced by domestic manufacturers. A variety of the advanced household appliances produced by foreign partners is installed in the apartments.

There are playing and sports grounds and the facilities for special events on the territory adjacent to new buildings planted with trees and flowers. A market with shops is located nearby the buildings.

Those speaking during the ceremony underlined that the concern about the social welfare that is prioritized by the political strategy of Turkmenistan was implemented in the ambitious social project on the construction of apartment houses.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper