Around 2 million of LED-bulbs are produced for industrial and household premises

The production of the bulbs was developed by the specialists of Aydyn Gijeler Business Entity established with the support of the Ministry of Industry and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. Thousands of lighting appliances of domestic production came to the markets and counters of specialized shops of the country.

Aydyn Gijeler lighting appliances enterprise is one of the first to be established under the Governmental programme aimed at formation of competitive high technological, environmentally friendly electronic and electro technical industry and production of goods oriented for internal and foreign markets. The Ministry of Industry together with th Academy of Sciences and other branch departments will be coordinating this work.

It has been few months since the first enterprise of Turkmen electronic industry was opened. At present moment, the enterprise employs more than 80 people and manufacturing of bulbs is carried out in two shifts. The entrepreneurs mastered not only the technology of manufacturing and assembly of lighting appliances but also increased the variety. At present moment, 17 � 24 thousands of 3 � 24 watt bulbs, what is equal to 40 � 240 incandescent light bulbs, are produced daily. LED-bulbs, made at the enterprise, were designed for similar light source that is exported from China. Schematically, such appliance consists of lamp cap, plastic body that serves as a radiator at the same time, LED-board, electronic driver and semi-transparent plastic hemisphere. All parts of the item excluding the board are made from polypropylene produced by Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex. There are six thermoplastic machines producing the body and the bulb of the appliance at the enterprise. Assembly, testing and packing of ready made items is carried out there as well.

The production of Aydyn Gijeler is able to displace the filament lamps from the market as LED-light is one of the highly efficient and ecological sources of light. The principle of luminescence of light-emitting diodes allows application of safe components in production and work of the light. The advantages of LED-bulb are low energy consumption, prolonged life, which is 20000 and more hours, thermal stability of the body and simplicity of installation, mechanical stability and small sizes. Using local raw materials, the production cost of domestic LED-bulbs is much lower than of foreign analogues.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper