Arrest Warrant Sought for Choi Soon-sil

Prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for Choi Soon-sil, who has been under emergency detention since late Monday.

Prosecutors charged Choi on Wednesday with abuse of authority and attempted fraud. Choi is suspected of forcing conglomerates to acquire nearly 80 billion won in funds for the establishment of the controversial Mir and K-Sports foundations.

Prosecutors believe that Choi, who holds no official government position, worked with others to wield influence as there is strong evidence that she mobilized former chief presidential secretary for policy coordination, Ahn Jong-beom, to get help for her business projects.

Prosecutors plan to secure a maximum of 20 days to grill the friend of President Park by keeping her in custody.

Choi was said to have been denying most of the allegations raised against her.

Source: KBS World Radio