Art preserved through the ages

The regional stage of the competition of dutarists and bakhshi musicians “Çalsana, bagsy!”, held as part of the competition for the award of the President of Turkmenistan “Türkmenin Altyn asyry”, turned into a colorful holiday of the national Turkmen art in the northern region of the country. It took place in the hall located in the city of Dashoguz and intended for large celebrations and cultural events of the magnificent complex "Türkmenin ak öýi". Ten bakhshi musicians and dutar players took part in the competition, masterfully performing popular songs and music among the people. The audience and the jury were particularly pleased with the emotional and beautiful performance of the numbers by the teacher of the children's art school of the Akdepe etrap Begench Urpekov, who masterfully played the Turkmen folk melody "Sirin-seker", the teacher of the specialized art school named after M. Garlyev of the Dashoguz velayat Mekan Dzhumageldyev, who presented the audience with the ancient melody "Burnasak" . In the bakhshi nomination, the winners of the competition were Rakhym Arazgeldiyev, a music teacher from secondary school No. 11 of the S. Turkmenbashi etrap, who delighted the audience with the Turkmen folk song “Janeý-jan” and a 4th-year student of the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory Tyazegul Atajanova, who performed the Turkmen folk song “ Tesnit".

The velayat stage of the competition, held in the country in order to study and promote the national heritage, to widely popularize the craft of making dutar and the art of bakhshi in the world, to strengthen the traditions of mentoring, to identify and stimulate talented bakhshi musicians, gave its participants and spectators a lot of vivid impressions, the joy of contact with favorite national works and made it possible to objectively assess the level of professional skills of local dutar players and bakhshi musicians, followers of such well-known destan storytellers and musicians as Makhtumkuli Garlyev, Nazar-baga, Ore Shikh, Akchagul Myradova and others who made a significant contribution in their time in the preservation and promotion of national spiritual and cultural values and traditions.

The work of bakhshi and dutar musicians in the Dashoguz velayat has been and remains a particularly popular song and musical direction. The art of bakhshi, along with other specialties, is taught at the specialized school of arts named after M. Garlyev, Dashoguz velayat. Since December 1992, a unique Bakhshi Museum of the Dashoguz Velayat has been operating in the administrative center of the region, and a monument to the dutar has been erected in the Ruhubelent etrap, where the mausoleum of the legendary patron of singers and musicians Ashig Aydin Pir is located. The craft of making dutar, gidzhak and other national musical instruments is also developed in the Dashoguz velayat.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper