Art wallpaper will decorate the premises

Photo wallpapers and decorative suspended ceilings - one of the most striking and practical ways of decorating walls to decorate a room, has been mastered in production by the individual enterprise "Gultarash". It is currently the only business in the country using these versatile home design tools.

For the production of photo wallpaper, the company uses large-format printers with high resolution. As the main material, on which the drawing is applied, high-density paper is used, and, as a rule, already having a peculiar texture. The drawing is made with eco-solvent paints - sustainable and environmentally friendly.

- IP "Gultarash" has its own archive of high-resolution photographs. - explains the head of the enterprise Sahymurat Abdyrasulov, - the wallpaper can be depicted - the nature of Turkmenistan, tropical exoticism, French pastorals, geometric shapes, animalistics, reliefs and textures. Art wallpapers created in this way allow not only to decorate a living space a little and hide its flaws, but to turn it into a beloved children's, exclusive bedroom, a creative guest room or a solid business office. In the future, entrepreneurs plan to use ultraviolet paints to obtain the most vivid and saturated patterns, which do not wear off over time and do not deteriorate from external reactions, but are able to harden only when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper