Artists of Pushkin Theatre prepare the present for young spectators, the play The Bremen Musicians

Musical fairy tale made by wonderful trio of authors � actor and author Vasily Livanov, poet and playwright Yuri Entin and composer Gennady Gladkov, on the motif of Brothers Grimm, is popular and have a success for more than 40 years at the stages of the leading theatres of the CIS.

The talented group, which unites creative thinking and artistic people, set about the work to bring bright features into stage performance of the famous composition. Owing to the work of art director Fragi Amangeldiyev, who made three series of decorations - the castle, the forest and the den of brigands, the scenography of the play gained compositional integrity harmonically coexisting with directors solutions, visual and sound effects.

Author of musical accompaniment of the play Begench Kakabayev used more than 20 songs and they all were sung by the actors of the Pushkin Theatre. Anatoly Lubinets, the Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan worked over choreographic style helping the actors to personify the images of energetic and sharp-witted characters of the play.

- Since Livanov and Entin staged the Bremen Musicians, the play travels from generation to generation, - Arslan Berdiyev, the Director of the performance says. � We want to prepare a fabulous musical fairy tale with positive jolly and witty characters for our young spectators.

There is no doubt that actors' team will succeed to bring our message to the spectator. Vasily Andronov � a charismatic actor with bright appearance, plays the role of Troubadour. The work over the role of the Princess helped young actress Aylar Bayramova to reveal new borders of her talent. The role of the genius detective was perfectly played by Ovez Shirliyev, who convey the image of self-confident foreigner through the prism of gentle irony and humour. New dramatic type of Anastasia Balandina, who enriched the role of lady boss by subtle actor nuances will be surprise for our regular spectators.

I have to accept that I got the feel of the characters' of new performance roles that I would personally play some of them. But at the moment it is unfortunately impossible. Even though I sing a song instead of Vasily Andronov as his baritone is not harmonized with the timbre of the voice of Aylar Bayramova.

The Bremen Musicians, getting acquainted with the glorious stage of the Pushkin Theatre, will certainly have various friends and fans among the art connoisseurs of the talented group, which new work is another bright feature to versatile image of modern Turkmen theatre.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper