Artwork of Annabibi Islamova: New Dimensions of Ancient Art of Carpet Weaving

The capital's exhibition hall hosted an exposition of carpet products of the merited art worker of Turkmenistan, senior lecturer of the State Academy of Arts, Annabibi Islamova, dedicated to her 65th birthday. The organizers designed the layout in such a manner where the author's collection would match the interior decoration of the yurt without further accentuating the utilitarian aspect of exhibited objects. The harmonious combination of traditions and innovatory techniques, peculiar to Annabibi Islamova's work, presented one of the most distinctive development trends in carpet weaving in terms of applied aesthetics.

National style pillows, a dutar in a carpet case and various accessories are placed on two gigantic carpets in the center of the hall. The walls are decorated with carpets and horjuns. It is interesting that in ancient times, when Turkmens were semi-nomadic tribes, horjuns were a universal household tool, serving both as storage and an element of interior design. A magnificently made gapylyk, a door decoration, is displayed in the center of the exposition.

A wide range of carpet purses is presented here: large carrier bags for shopping, women's handbags, postman bags for students and baby bags of all shapes and colors. These exclusive products are rightly considered trendy and remain quite popular both with local fashionistas and foreign guests.

The variety of carpet cases is astonishing: for instance, cases for sewing machines or cases for books. It seems that everything touched by Annabibi Islamova is destined to be furnished with sophisticated carpet garments.

Annabibi Islamova graduated cum laude from the State Art College and was invited to work as a lecturer at the department of carpet artistry of the State Academy of Arts. During these years, she transfered her knowledge to many talented students. Today's students are young people with creative thinking, said the woman of the hour. Therefore I try to encourage their creative eclecticism and readily learn from them while sharing many tricks of the trade.

Students and graduates came to celebrate their mentor. Her classmates from the art college, fellow lecturers from the Academy, friends and artists also gathered here. All visitors were so anxious to take a picture with Annabibi Islamova against the background of her works that the event resulted in a continued emotional photoshoot.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper