Ashgabat authorities and owners of Yimpa? shopping centre try to agree on the building demolition

The dispute between the owners of Turkey-based Yimpas Holding and Turkmen officials concerning the demolition of the shopping centre Yimpas and the business centre Yimpas TA�jircilik in Ashgabat is still underway.

Let us recall that the shopping centre was closed down in December 2016. Since then the sides have failed to reach an agreement and the building was vacant.

The shopping centre was initially scheduled to be knocked down. According to our sources, a long term agreement up to 2030 was concluded between the Ashgabat municipal administration and Yimpash owners. Referring to the aforementioned agreement, the Turkish side insists on revoking the decision made by the khyakim of Ashgabat on the building demolition or the providing compensation of its value.

The authorities are planning to build several facilities on the territory of Yimpas building. In February and March 2018 the buildings of Gosstrakh and Senagatbank, located nearby, were knocked down. The premises of the former shopping centre have not been demolished yet but were cordoned off with a construction fence.

There are reports that as partial compensation to the Turkish holding the Ashgabat authorities came up with a proposal not to knock down the building but to dismantle to subsequently sell the construction materials.

The Turkmen private construction company Ajayyp Gurlusyk has been instructed to carry out the dismantling works.

It remains unknown if the executive of the Turkish holding will be content with this option. As of now no construction works are underway in this facility.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan