Ashgabat filature celebrates its 90th anniversary

The oldest enterprise of the textile industry of Turkmenistan was commissioned in 1928. For its long history, it survived the devastating Ashgabat earthquake of 1948, revived and turned into a modern high-tech production, where produced the products demanded in the world market.

Sericulture - one of the key branches of the textile industry in the context of the export-oriented strategy - is rooted in antiquity. Secrets of the production of silk fabric and products made of it, especially the finest carpets with a high density of nodules, passed over the centuries from generation to generation.

Thanks to the modernization, the silk fiber produced at the factory is distinguished by high quality and, as a consequence, high customer demand. The production of ketene fabrics is improved, new types of products are being developed. A wide range of products of the company is represented by the exhibition, which was opened on the anniversary occasion. Original samples of women's clothing, head and shoulder cloaks, silk shawls, bags decorated with embroidery, and other products are of great interest to visitors.

With the gaining of independence, our state set a goal to raise industrial production to a new qualitative level, along with the construction of new facilities to re-equip existing enterprises of the industry, including the Ashgabat silk factory," says the chairman of the trade union committee of the enterprise, Maya Suvlyeva. - The old building was demolished, spacious workshops were built, modern equipment, which came from the People's Republic of China, was installed. Thanks to technical and technological updating increased improvement of the marketing strategy, the quality of products and its competitiveness.

Interest in our products abroad is invariably high, as evidenced by the experience of participating in various international exhibitions. The silk carpets attracted great interest at recent events in Germany and Saudi Arabia. The sketches for a new collection of products on the Great Silk Road theme are currently ready. It will be presented at the exhibition, which will be held in the summer.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper