Ashgabat forms modern and ecological system of water supply

Utmost attention is paid to the issues of provision of the population with pure drinking water. The law on Drinking Water and General Programme for provision of pure drinking water to the settlements, new edition of the Sanitary Code are adopted in the country. Construction and reconstruction of water supply facilities as well as sewage systems are carried our around the country for achievement of the set goals. Innovative projects are implemented in water management sphere.

Ashgabatagyzsuv Association takes care of the water supply of the capital. The city has circulated system of water supply. The water comes from drinking water plants and wells to the integrated water supply system. This allows delivering of 789 thousands cubic metres of water to the capital annually.

Three plants and six water intakes provide Ashgabat with water. The main facility is located in Yanbash. All of them have modern equipment and advanced technologies are used. Pump station, water intake, technical facilities and pipelines are reconstructed.

Sewage treatment facilities with capacity of 300 thousand cu.m. per day are designed for treatment of domestic waste waters which are collected in drainage communication tunnel and go by gravity to reception chamber of pump station through discharge facility and after pumped to water treatment plants.

The technology of wastewater treatment applied there is modern waste-free production as cleaned and disinfected water can be utilized for irrigation and waterless silt can be used as a fertilizer or landfill.

Ashgabat is rapidly growing and the water consumption is increasing. Currently 364 water wells, 2198.1 kilometres of water and 1293.7 sewage systems are used. Construction of five reservoirs with 10000 cu.m. capacity each is started. Their erection is given to domestic entrepreneurs.

Our capital is located in arid zone where water has special value. Normal functioning of central water system depends on careful treatment of each citizen to this natural reserve. All new houses and enterprises have water meters.

No matter where the water comes from, it has to corresponds to strict standards by number of organoleptic (appearance, taste, smell) and sanitary and toxicological indices (safety) and to contain biologically necessary elements.

The control of water quality is carried out all the time; the sample are analysed on hourly basis. The association is completely provided with all necessary chemical agents. Ecological friendly sodium hypochlorite produced at the place as well as other components are used for disinfection of water. They are supplied by the contract with STARFUND LLP and Hazar Chemical Plant.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper