Ashgabat get acquainted with works of Turkish ceramist Ibrahim Kushlu

An exhibition of Turkish ceramist Ibrahim Kushlu, organized by the Embassy of Turkey and the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, was launched at the Museum of Fine Arts. One of the halls of the museum was decorated with highly artistic exhibits from porcelain and ceramics. Exquisite painted plaques, which became widespread, starting from the 13th century, remain to this day the traditional element of the decoration of the living room in the artist's homeland. Interesting samples of dishes from porcelain: decorative plates, bowls, trays, decanters, jugs, vases.

Ibrahim Kushlu a native of Bulgaria, at the age of 12, together with his family, he moved to his historic homeland Turkey, to the small town of Bursa, which is famous for its ceramics. Beautiful products made by folk craftsmen impressed the teenager. He himself wanted to try to make something unusual out of clay. Ibrahim enthusiastically begins to comprehend the secrets of the production of ceramic objects and he himself conducts research to obtain the best clay, primer, paint, glaze. Over the years he has been developing his own recipe. At 33, Ibrahim opened his company and gained fame not only in Turkey, but in Austria, Norway, USA, Mexico.

I consider my mission to be the popularization of the cultural traditions of the Turkish people, said Ibrahim Kushlu at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The characteristic detail of the Turkish ceramist's painting is animalistic plots. In his works you can find images of tigers, dogs, hares, gazelles and other animals. An interesting palette of works by Ibrahim Kushlu has the red color and all shades of blue prevail.

The exhibition is open until December 17th.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper