Ashgabat hosted the Dialogue of Women of the States of Central Asia and Russia

Ashgabat hosted the Dialogue of Women of the States of Central Asia and the Russian Federation “The Role of Women in Socio-Political and Socio-Economic Development”. The meeting was attended by representatives of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Russia, as well as heads of UN regional structures.

During the dialogue, issues of promoting gender equality and expanding the role of women in addressing important issues on the regional and global agenda were discussed. The meeting participants got acquainted with the experience of various regional platforms and associations of the Central Asian group and Russia to achieve a more prominent political and social role of women in decision-making on topical issues related to ensuring peace, stability and development in the region and the world.

During the meeting, it was noted that today, more than ever, the creative mission of women is in demand. In particular, UNDP Resident Representative in Turkmenistan Narine Sahakyan in her speech emphasized that "the world needs women's talents, views and leadership qualities to solve the most serious problems - from climate change to economic recovery."

“We will continue to draw on the knowledge and experience of the women of the region, including those in this room, to continue to change the world for the better,” said the UNDP representative.

As a result of the forum, a declaration was adopted, which includes recommendations that need to be adopted at the national and regional levels to ensure gender balance and increase women's participation in the political and socio-economic life of states. The document also notes the readiness to contribute to the implementation of the policy of the countries of Central Asia and Russia for the further development of regional cooperation.

The forum participants also signed the regulation and work plan of the Dialogue of Women of the Central Asian States for 2022, which includes various events that will be held in Turkmenistan and other countries participating in the dialogue.