Ashgabat hosts an exhibition of sculptures and paintings by the Yarmammedov family

An exposition of sculptural and painting works by the father and two sons of the Yarmammedovs has opened at the Exhibition Center for Fine Arts in Ashgabat.

Here are the sculptures of the People's Artist of Turkmenistan Glychmurad Yarmammedov, one of the most famous sculptors of Turkmenistan. Among them are busts of politicians, athletes, artists and cultural figures. Connoisseurs of the work of Glychmurad Yarmammedov note that in each bust an impeccable portrait resemblance has been achieved and the character of the personality has been conveyed.

A collection of interesting sculptures was presented at the exhibition by the youngest son of Glychmurad Yarmammedov - Seljuk. The opening day of the exhibition coincided with the birthday of Mammad Yarmammedov, who turned 50 years old. Mamed, unlike his father and brother, is a painter, and he works in the decorative modern style.

The exhibition clearly demonstrated how significant the contribution of the Yarmamedov creative family to the Turkmen fine arts is.