Ashgabat Public Utilities Administration through newspapers asks the population to pay water bills

The Ashgabatagyzuv union of the Ashgabat communal services department asks residents of the capital to install meters and pay water and sewage bills, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper said.

Residents of the capital are also asked to comply with the rules for the use of drinking water in residential buildings.

It is strictly prohibited unauthorized connection of citizens without a permit to the plumbing and sewage networks of residential buildings, residential and utility rooms, land plots.

It is prohibited to use drinking water for washing cars and carpets by residents by illegally connecting basements and semi-basements of residential buildings to plumbing systems. In case of irrational, careless and uneconomical treatment of water, administrative penalties will be imposed on violators.

Recall that in October, President Gurbnaguly Berdymukhamedovordered the installation of meters and handed over to the population payment books for payment of municipal services.

After that, in Ashgabat, various commissions from the city khyakimlik (city hall), house managements, water and gas supply services and from the police began to check the availability of gas and water meters in apartments. In case of their absence, people are threatened with fines and a recalculation of payment.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan