Ashgabat schoolchildren were told about the dangers of using smartphones

Meetings were held in schools in Ashgabat, at which employees of the tuberculosis dispensary told students about the dangerous radiation allegedly emanating from smartphones and the surveillance of the Ministry of National Security, Turkmen news reports .

The publication writes that the pretext for stepping up work with schoolchildren was the approaching New Year, on the eve of which they are blowing up homemade firecrackers. Factory-made pyrotechnics are banned in Turkmenistan, so the police catch children on the streets blowing up homemade firecrackers.

The work to prevent such behavior for unknown reasons was entrusted to the staff of the TB dispensary. They come to schools and talk about the dangers of firecrackers and, for some reason, telephones.

“At meetings, schoolchildren are told that they have to use push-button phones to communicate with their parents, and smartphones are banned in schools because they emit radiation from planets and satellites. What they mean is unclear. In general, they simply intimidate, ”- said the source of the publication.

Also, lecturers intimidate students by spying on them. Teenagers are told that as soon as a SIM card of the Turkmen operator Altyn Asyr is inserted into the phone, the Ministry of National Security allegedly begins to see everything that the user does, including installing a VPN and visiting prohibited sites.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan