Ashgabat to host XXI International Forum “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan 2016”

Oil and gas exposition, organized by the State Concern Turkmenneft and the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Turkmenistan, would be expanded in the exhibition centre of the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Turkmenistan. It expected that specialists from countries of the world, including representatives of oil and gas companies as well as ministries, international organizations and banks would take part in the economic review.

Around 60 companies, representing more than 20 countries of the world, some of them would participate for the first time in this competent forum, placed their displays in the halls of the Expo Centre. There are representative of oil and gas companies from Azerbaijan, Russia, China, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Malaysia, UAE, France, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Singapore, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other among the exhibitors.

Productions and services in exploration, production, processing, storage and shipment of hydrocarbon materials, geological, geophysical and seismic surveys of the deposits, deep sea drilling, modernization of existing and construction of new pipelines, increase of production of oil refineries as well as modern equipment from leading world manufacturers will be broadly presented in the halls of the Exhibition Centre.

For three days of the exhibition, representatives of foreign companies as well as enterprises involved not only in oil and gas sphere but also in related industry will have an opportunity to present the production and potential and to expand considerably their business contacrs and partnership relations. Special attention will be paid to diversification of Turkmen gas supply to the world markets as well as to construction of Turkmenistan � Afghanistan � Pakistan � India gas main.

Turkmen section of the exhibition will be represented by the Concerns Turkmengas and Turkmenneft, Turkmenheftegasstroy, the State Corporation Turkmengeology, Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex and by number of branch departments.

The exhibition will introduce latest achievement and technologies including in implementation of management systems, diagnostics of pipelines, transportation of hydrocarbons, in the sphere of renewable sources of energy, improvement of ecological safety of the facilities, technologies increasing production output of oil and gas wells and with new enterprises of gas-chemical industry.

Theme conference, where around 160 delegates from 38 countries of the world will take part, will be held during the forum. There are specialists of oil and gas industry, representative of production plants and scientists among them. Representatives of business circles and analysts from Asia, Europe and America will discuss the tendencies of the development of the world, regional and domestic oil and gas complexes. It is planned to review the issues of safe and guaranteed access to the energy sources and means of their supply during the conference.

As for today, more than 1000 structures for oil and gas were revealed in the country and around 200 deposits were discovered, some of which are yet to be developed. Inviting interested companies to take part in the development of these deposits, Turkmenistan representatives consider that huge field for cooperation in development of the deposits and in establishment of modern industrial infrastructure based on implementation of most advanced technologies, is being opened there. In this context, share of visions on implementation of modern technologies in the development of oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan, starting from exploration up to monetization, will be useful. This is also about expansion of foreign investments to large infrastructural projects.

Negotiations of the representatives of foreign companies with top managers of fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan will be held on the grounds of the forum. It is planned to discuss new opportunities of mutually beneficial cooperation in priority directions of the development of oil and gas industry of the country.

Source: Turkmenistan: The Golden Age Online Newspaper