Ashgabat, which topped the list of the most expensive cities for foreigners to live in 2021, has disappeared from the 2022 ranking

Ashgabat, named the most expensive city for foreign workers to live in in 2021 by consulting firm Mercer , has disappeared from the 2022 Cost of Living rankings .

The authors of the study did not explain the disappearance of the capital of Turkmenistan from the list.

Earlier, the city rose sharply in the rankings due to the rapid rise in food prices due to the depreciation of the manat on the "black market".

In the list of 2020, the Turkmen capital was in second place, in 2019 - at 7, in 2018 - at 43 and in 2017 - at 57.

In 2019, Ashgabat was also recognized as the most expensive city for foreigners by another consulting company, ECA International.

This year, the top ten most expensive cities include Hong Kong, Zurich (Switzerland), Geneva (Switzerland), Basel (Switzerland), Bern (Switzerland), Tel Aviv (Israel), New York (USA), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan). ) and Beijing (PRC).

Ankara (Turkey), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Islamabad (Pakistan), Karachi (Pakistan), Istanbul (Turkey), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Tunisia, Almaty (Kazakhstan), Algeria and Tbilisi, Georgia).

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan