Aspects of improvement of the partnership mechanisms in energy are discussed during sectional sessions of the Energy Charter Forum

After the plenary session, the Energy Charter Forum was continued in three different sectors Natural Gas Markets: Transboundary Transport and Transit, Growing Role of LNG in Global Energy Security and Oil Supply to the World's Markets.

The introductions touched upon such subjects as realization of transnational infrastructural projects, prospects and opportunities of the development of flexible market of liquefied natural gas, the role of the Caspian region and the Central Asia in provision of energy security in regional and global scale and other.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that energy factor is among basic elements of Turkmen diplomacy in modern realities. At the sessions of the UN General Assembly, Leader of the Nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov clearly explained the position of our state, which core was the establishment of new international legal mechanism aimed at provision of reliable and stable supplies of energy carriers to the world's markets. This position was set out in special resolutions of the United Nation General Assembly.

Turkmenistan initiatives related to foundation of special body � the UN Energy Council and new all-purpose international legal instruments of the UN aimed to play the role of key element in solution of problems of global energy security, received wide positive response. According to Turkmen side, current situation in energy segment of the world economy also call forth the necessity of the development and adoption of the UN Convention on this matter.

Being a Chairman of the Energy Charter Conference in this year, Turkmenistan defined such priority directions as processing of hydrocarbons for ready-made production and its export, involvement of renewable sources of energy, safe transit of energy carriers, improvement if energy efficiency and energy saving. At the same time, special attention is attached to ecological aspect, rational and careful use of natural resources.

Energy policy of Turkmenistan is aimed at comprehensive development of domestic fuel and energy complex and its dynamic integration to international energy this regard, considerable role of large infrastructural projects initiated by our country was highlighted.

There is existing transnational energy line transporting Turkmen gas across neighbouring countries to China, which is bright example of efficient realization of the main principles laid in universally recognized international acts, which regulate the matters of reliable and stable supplies of energy carriers in the context of sustainable development and international cooperation. There are also gas line from Turkmenistan to Iran, cooperation with which is carried out according to main principles and standards of international law as well as construction of Turkmenistan � Afghanistan � Pakistan � India gas main, which already has started and is aimed to give strong impulse to economic development of the region, to solution of vitally important social issues and to support consolidation of peace and stability.

Stating for efficient cooperation in energy sector, Turkmenistan together with continuation of traditional partners relations considerably expanded direct energy dialog in European, Asian, Far East and South � East directions and established close productive contacts with leading oil and gas companies of the world.

Our country practically proves its status of competent platform for discussion of key subjects and modern tendencies of the development of international collaboration in this strategic sphere. It is visually indicated by the current representative meeting in Ashgabat, which agenda includes the improvement of partnership mechanisms in energy sphere and the issues of the development of Multilateral Framework Agreement on Transit of energy resources based on recognized standards of international law and current experience.

On the next day, Ashgabat Energy Charter Forum would continue its work. Its Programme plans the discussion of international experts on the subject Toward a Multilateral Framework Agreement on Transit of Energy Resources. Discussion and share of the opinions on such actual aspects as specifics of gas, oil and electrical energy market, diversification of transport routes of energy carriers, general principles and standards of the transit and other will take place. The adoption of the relative Final Document is also planned.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper