Astrakhan school named after Magtymguly introduces Turkmen language as academic subject

Schoolchildren of the general school named after Magtymguly Fraghi in the village of Funtovo of Volga district of Astrakhan region started learning the Turkmen language as an academic subject. The Turkmen language classes are conducted by a Turkmen language teacher who arrived in Astrakhan region at the invitation of the Russian side in early September 2019.

It is for the first time that Astrakhan region introduced teaching of the Turkmen language as an academic subject. Residents of the village of Funtovo populated mostly by ethnic Turkmens welcomed this news. In fact, not only schoolchildren but also their parents attended the first Turkmen language class.

This step will surely serve the further strengthening of cultural and humanitarian relations between Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation based on the principles of good neighborliness and friendship. Teaching of the Turkmen language at the Magtymguly school will help schoolchildren to get closer to the culture of the Turkmen people. The school named after Magtymguly was built at Turkmenistan's expense and donated to friendly Russia.