At least 20% of households in Azerbaijan have income below poverty level

Not less than 20% of households in Azerbaijan earn incomes below the poverty line. This is evidenced by the State Statistics Committee data on the results of an appropriate survey. According to the report which classies households by income deciles, - 10% of them had income up to 183.4 manats, another tenth had income up to 217.6 manats per capita a month. At that, the poverty line in Azerbaijan for 2022 was lower than 229 manats ($134.7) per month. In the third group, which constitutes the next decile of households in terms of income per each member, the monthly income was 248.6 manats. Overall, an income gap between the first and tenth (676 manats and more) deciles of households in 2022 was 3.6 times. Remind that the survey was conducted among 10.200 households throughout the country, except for the Karabakh economic region, where people of Armenian origin reside. Earlier, the SSC had previously reported to Turan news agency that the poverty rate in Azerbaijan in 2022 was 5.5%, down by 0.4% from 2021.

Source: Turan News Agency