At the Khalk Maslahaty, Berdimuhamedov spoke about the country’s achievements in 30 years of independence, and the elders thanked him for this with verses

On September 25, Ashgabat hosted a meeting of the Khalk Maslahaty under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, dedicated to the country's achievements over 30 years of independence, the state news agency TDH reports .

Until 2020, the Khalk Maslahaty (People's Council) served as an advisory representative body, whose members approved the most important constitutional reforms. After the previous meeting of the Council, it was transformed into the upper house of parliament, which includes 56 members. Contrary to the Constitution, the current president of the country Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov headed the chamber .

The meeting was attended by elected members of the Khalk Maslahaty, deputies and the chairman of the Mejlis (lower chamber), heads of ministries, as well as military and law enforcement agencies, khyakims of velayats, elders and students.

In his speech, Berdymukhamedov did not make any important announcements or disclose previously unknown information, limiting himself to listing the country's successes in all sectors.

Here are some theses from the speech of the head of state, which lasted for almost an hour and a half:

• Over 30 years, $ 200 billion has been invested in the economy of Turkmenistan, of which 15% ($ 30 billion) is foreign capital, and 60% ($ 120 billion) is directed to the development of the industry. “Significant” amounts were allocated for the development of human capital, which are not specified;

• The “stable financial dynamics” of Turkmenistan today is ensured thanks to the reserves of the Stabilization Fund. The president did not disclose its current volume;

• In recent years, the revenue side of the State Budget has been constantly growing and this “rapid” growth of budget revenues has a positive impact on the investment activity of Turkmenistan;

• the international agency “Fitch Ratings” has assigned a “B + stable” rating to Turkmenistan, which is indisputable evidence of the dynamic development of the national economy;

• in terms of GDP per capita, Turkmenistan has reached the average level of high-income countries of the world;

• The oil and gas sector plays a significant role in capital accumulation. One of the key goals of Turkmenistan's energy strategy is to diversify natural gas supplies to world markets. The implementation of the TAPI gas pipeline has "enormous geopolitical and geoeconomic significance";

• about 2.5 thousand large projects with a total cost of over $ 37 billion are under construction in Turkmenistan;

• Ashgabat should be included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the Design category. Also, the making of dutar, playing on it and the art of bakhshi should be included in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Also, the heritage list should include the national experience of raising the Turkmen Alabai, the art of hand-making felt felt and blacksmith's craft, the Turkmen tazy (a breed of hunting dogs, - ed.) And the art of domestication of hunting birds, Turkmen wrestling goresh;

• Turkmenistan invests significant efforts in the development of the electric power industry - it modernizes the existing ones, as well as builds new gas turbine and solar-wind power plants;

• thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies, domestic smart TVs, laptops, tablets, monoblocks, computers with a touch screen panel, check printers, scanners and other types of electronic products are produced in Turkmenistan. In the future, it is planned to start production of industrial and automotive electronics, medical and computer equipment, electronic and other goods.

After his speech, Berdymukhamedov gave the floor to officials and elders. The essence of their speeches was to praise the head of state. Several people read poems about the president or works by Berdymukhamedov himself.

“Our people are deeply grateful to the head of state for a wonderful era, a peaceful life, for a country confident in its future, conditions created for a decent education and upbringing of our children and grandchildren,” one of the speakers chanted.

It should be noted that all the participants of the meeting who were present in the hall were without medical masks. As the correspondents of "Chronicles of Turkmenistan" reported earlier , the participants of the meeting were brought to Ashgabat a week before its start. They were ordered to isolate themselves in a hotel and not contact anyone. People were tested for coronavirus upon arrival and immediately before the meeting.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan