At the plant on production of a carbamide in Garabogaz commissioning work is conducted

In the city of Garabogaz of Balkan Region construction works of the plant on production of a carbamide are continued. Now step-by-step balancing and commissioning is conducted. In particular, specialists of the Japanese company contractor "Mitsubishi Corporation" established the main part of the equipment necessary for start of production of ammonia and carbamide.

On construction of the new entity more than 5,5 thousand workers, more than five thousand from them are the Turkmen specialists, 350 units of the construction and special equipment and mechanisms are involved to work. Based on modern technologies the large-capacity production allowing to organize deep conversion and production of natural gas, conforming to the international standards of quality is created.

At each production phase of mineral fertilizers the most modern technologies capable to provide ecological purity and outstanding performance of handling of gas and lack of emissions in the atmosphere are pledged. So, in case of production of ammonia the technology of the Danish company "Haldor Topse AS" and the American company "UOP", on the site of synthesis of a carbamide � technology of the Italian company "Saipem" will be used. In case of granulation of the concentrated carbamide solution - technology of the Netherlands company "Unde Fertilazer" will be used.

For training of qualified personnel in Garabogaz branch of the Turkmenabat secondary technical professional school of the SC "Turkmenchemistry" training over 270 young men and women under a mentorship of experienced teachers and specialists of chemical industrial enterprises "Tedzhenkarbamid" and "Marykarbamid" is conducted. At the entities of the SC "Turkmenchemistry" pupils pass a work practice.

The new carbamide plant will make mineral fertilizers from the raw materials arriving by a gas-transport system the East-West. Daily enterprise capacity is 3500 tons, and annual - 1 million 155 thousand tons of a carbamide.

Commissioning of the Garabogaz plant on production of mineral fertilizers will allow to increase repeatedly capacities of the chemical industry of Turkmenistan that in turn will lead to increase in export opportunities of the industry. The annual amount of the nitrogen fertilizers made in the country will exceed two million tons. About a third of these products will be delivered on the domestic market, and the rest - for export.

The new giant of the chemical industry of the country has a convenient location - on the bank of the Caspian Sea, from where the finished goods can go to consumers both by motor transport, and ocean ships.

Availability of the richest raw material resources allows Turkmenistan to be among the largest producers of iodine, bromine and a wide range of other chemical products. And in this plan a construction of the plant in Garabogaz which is a unique source of the most valuable chemical components which "gold mine" forms a source of raw materials for the sulphatic industry � one more big step on the way of formation of Turkmenistan as industrially developed power.

Source: Nebit-Gaz