Azatlyk Radio: Dashoguz residents wait for flour at closed stores

Flour shortage continues in Dashoguz velayat. According to Radio Azatlyk , the state stores of some etraps of Dashoguz velayat have not delivered flour for weeks.

A resident of one of the regions of the velayat reported that from December 3 to December 7, the local state food store was closed. However, people still in the morning gathered in the queue in anticipation of the importation of goods.

In another district of the Dashoguka region, a preliminary record is made for the purchase of flour at the state shop.

My brother signed up the 700th in line. Every month, 200 bags of flour are delivered to the store every month, so it's only four months later, said a resident of Dashoguz.

According to Radio, the cost of flour in the region's markets has increased dramatically. Thus, a 2kilogram packing of flour, which used to cost 5 manat, is now sold at 40.

Currently, the rate of flour sold in the Lebap, Dashoguz and Mary provinces does not exceed 1012 kg per family, before it was 45 kg per person.

Large volumes of flour do not enter stores, but are brought to the market from the warehouses of stateowned wholesale and retail firms and mill complexes, the source said. According to him, a similar situation is observed with vegetable oil, the sale of which in stores set limits, and in the markets it can be freely purchased, but several times more expensive.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan