Azerbaijan ranks among world’s top hazelnut growers

Azerbaijan is one of the world's top five hazelnut producers, according to Azad Jafarli, Head of the Staff of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan, speaking at the international conference titled "Increasing the Potential of Hazelnut: Innovative Approaches to Increase Productivity, Quality, and Export Volume" being held in Baku, Trend reports. "As a result of these extensive measures of state support, the agricultural sector's sustainable development has been secured, and the favorable development dynamics have been maintained in both 2023 and 2022. The total volume of agricultural production was 9.9 billion manat ($5.8 billion), with crop production accounting for 5.5 billion manat ($3.2 billion) and livestock products accounting for 4.5 billion manat ($2.6 billion). Among agricultural crops, hazelnut agriculture is one of the most significant. It ranks number 1 among custard fruits in terms of exports. Last year, the country received more than $110 million in foreign currency as a result of hazelnut exports," he said.

Source: TREND News Agency