Baku Network platform hosts discussions on Azerbaijan as key country in Eurasian region (PHOTO)

Azerbaijani MPs Sevil Mikayilova and Tural Ganjaliyev, as well as Deputy Director of Trend News Agency, and political expert Sahil Karimli participated in the exchange of views on the discussions held at the 4th international conference on "Shaping the Geopolitics of the Greater Eurasia: from Past to Present to Future" in Shusha, statements by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, and messages sent to international circles, within the Baku International Policy and Security Network (BIPSN) expert platform, Trend reports.

During the debate, the latest developments in the South Caucasus, geopolitical processes, and in particular the course of peace negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and the unconstructive position of Yerevan, which is in search of a new patron, were also discussed.

The experts noted the importance of Azerbaijan to the world, the large-scale projects implemented by the country, as well as the fact that Azerbaijan is a reliable and irreplaceable partner of European countries.

At the same time, the unfair position of some political circles towards Azerbaijan, the adoption of steps against the national interests of our country, as well as the resolute overcoming of these negative phenomena by President Ilham Aliyev were emphasized.

It was noted that the new processes taking place in the region will further strengthen the position of Azerbaijan, and it was also emphasized that Azerbaijan is a key country in the Eurasian region.

The 4th international conference on “Shaping the Geopolitics of the Greater Eurasia: from Past to Present to Future” has been organized by ADA University to mark the 100th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev.

The BIPSN is a non-governmental think tank, founded in August 2015 and established with the assistance of the Trend News Agency.

The network’s aim is to form an intellectual platform for defining and implementing the tasks aimed at informational and analytical support to Azerbaijan’s foreign policy strategy, and rendering the necessary influence on public opinion through the prism of expert dialogue.

Source: Trend News Agency