Balkanabat repair and mechanical plant increases the efficiency of work

Employees of the repair and mechanical plant of Balkanabat of the trust “Nebitgazburavlaiysh” of the State Concern “Turkmennebit” are working hard, striving to increase the efficiency of production units at dozens of oil and gas fields.

Currently, the enterprise is equipped with more than 150 types of equipment and is constantly being improved: new types of products are being mastered, technologies are being studied and introduced that make it possible to increase the wear resistance of manufactured spare parts, and the production and technological base of the plant is continuously updated.

Over the past reporting period, the disbursed amount of completed construction and repair work amounted to about 5 million 93 thousand manats. This result is 1.7 million manats more compared to the same period last year.

Recently, the company has launched work on the re-commissioning of equipment for rotating pipes of drilling rigs, which is economically beneficial for the concern.



Source: Nebit-Gaz