Balkanabat residents will be provided with fresh vegetables all year round

The greenhouse complex is built in the administrative center of Balkan region as part of the implementation of the regional development program and the tasks to increase the production of fruits and vegetables. On an area of more than 5.4 thousand square meters it is planned to grow up to two hundred tons of tomatoes and other vegetables per year for residents of the region center. The construction customer was a member of the IUET, the entrepreneur Toily Goyunlyev.

The premises for growing vegetables are assembled from galvanized metal, covered with polycarbonate sheets, which are lighter and stronger than glass analogues. Greenhouses are equipped with special equipment that supports the optimal temperature, light, humidity and soil saturation with nutrients. Irrigation is done by sprinkling and drip methods. If it is necessary to ventilate the room, the roof of the greenhouse is automatically moved apart. An administrative building and a housing for personnel, an irrigation water tank and other infrastructure facilities have been erected near the production site.

The use of modern technologies for the cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses will significantly visit its yield and quality.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper