Bananas are “registered” in Turkmenistan

Another region of Turkmenistan - Akhal velayat (region) - began to grow an exotic banana. A greenhouse for growing a tropical fruit popular in the country, with an area of 5 hectares, was built by the private enterprise Hemsaya.

Favorable climatic conditions have been created in the greenhouse complex, which are necessary for the successful adaptation of a heat-loving plant. Modern equipment for automated control of temperature and air humidity is installed here, and special technologies are used for irrigating crops.

Cavendish bananas are grown on the plantation. Planted shrubs begin to bear fruit after eight to nine months, and each plant produces a bunch, which contains about 250-300 bananas. The company plans to harvest about 100 tons of crops annually.

And the first Turkmen "homeland" of bananas is the Mary velayat, where the private enterprise "Ferkhar" is engaged in the cultivation of bananas. Now another tropical fruit is growing in this banana oasis - papaya.