Batyr Hangeldiyev: Turkmenistan’s bowling has good future

The bowling centre of field and track complex of the Olympic village has 32 alleys equipped according to the world's quality standards. Technical director of Asian Bowling Federation Denny Santos received the evidence of this when he came to Ashgabat for discussion of the aspects of cooperation with National Federation in July of this year.

Throwing the balls to the skittles is an entertainment and sport that train the fortitude, grit, patience and will to win. Head coach of National bowling team Batyr Hangeldiyev is confident with that.

- Bowling is one of the sports of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Who will represent our country?

- Let me start from the development of this sport in our country. National bowling federation was established in December 2014. At the same time, the graduates and students of National Institute of Sports and Tourism Huyurbibi Keshikova, Nasiba Orazmedova, Elena Byashimova, Geldy Garayev, Serdar Atayev, Han Hangeldiyev and other promising sportsmen were selected to the team. in summer 2015, there was training session in Kaluga where Russian coach Alexander Gurkov trained our guys how to handle the balls. The first Turkmenistan bowling championship was held in April 2016 where Han Hangeldiyev became a winner and Serdar Atayev took the second place. During Turkmenistan Cup in December of the same year, it was Serdar who won the gold and Han became a silver medallist. In June of this year, Serdar and Han were the winners in doubles of Ashgabat Open Cup.

- Is bowling technically complex sports?

- No. It is not for amateurs. Regular ball is well balanced and its core is presented by solid sphere. The ball for sport bowling weighs more than seven kilos and has so called weight block � an asymmetric part of the core that allows giving different trajectories. That is why mathematic accuracy of the throw and knowledge of aerodynamic features of the ball are required.

- How successful was the participation in international tournaments for our team?

- It is too early to speak about great success. Sports bowling is new sport for our country. Years of painstaking training are necessary to bring up the bowler who would be able to compete at international level. Nevertheless, we are determined to represent our country deservingly during home Games and actively training. In the summer 2016, Turkmen team had a training session in Turkish Anatoly preparing for international debut in Asian Championship in Hong Kong in the autumn of the last year. We did not win anything at tournament matches of six sets of medals � three in men and three in women individual, doubles and team counts but we had an experience of participation in international competitions. It helped our guys to distribute their forces in the future competitions. In February of this year the bowlers for Turkmenistan took part in Almaty Open Championship during 20-day training camp in Kazakhstan. Together with our sportsmen, the teams from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan were also participating. Our men team had the first success and won the third place in total team count.

- What are the components of success in bowling?

- There is no any trifles just like in any other sports, starting from the steps of the sportsmen up to the throw line, which crossing abolishes the attempt. It is also important to pay attention at technical details, every sportsmen has his own balls, which differ by the cover, kernel and the holes for fingers. When the bowler throws the ball, the trajectory changes depending on the kernel and the surface. Turning angle of the ball is calculated in a way to hit the ball between the first and third skittles. Then you have a strike when all skittles are down from the first throw. Special footwear are also important in the bowling � the left sole for dextral sportsmen has to be sliding while the right one, on the take-off foot, has to have rubber non-slippery sole, which should not leave any marks on the take-off line.

- What are the other special features of this sport?

- The aim of the bowling player is to knock down all ten skittles from the first throw and get maximum points. Psychological mood and self-control are very important there. The accuracy of one throw can define the winner and that is why it is important to relax and concentrate on the right trajectory of the ball.

Strongest teams from the republic of Korea, Qatar, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates will be competing for the gold at the coming V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. However, our bowlers have learnt a lot for almost three years and would make everything possible to demonstrate their best sports merits. The guys have strong motivation for successful performance and undoubtedly we are looking forward the support of our numerous fans.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper