Bayramdurdy Nuryev: talent comes from a fairy tale

A personal exhibition of paintings in honor of the 55th anniversary of Bayramdurdy Nuryev has been launched in the capital’s Exhibition Center. Bayramdurdy is a teacher at the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan, but he began his creative career with a film studio. Perhaps, then his original handwriting of the artist was formed, whose works resemble fragments from the world of fairy tales: “Hunters”, “Jebpaks”, “Majnun”.




And also – Bayramdurdy Nuryev comes from the village. The life of rural residents is well known to him, and most importantly interesting, therefore, almost always the heroes of his paintings are the villagers, and, as a rule, children. Bayramdurdy with great warmth and charm tells about the life of rural children, among whom he himself grew up. Such works as “Announcement”, “A Dream Sweeter than Honey”, “Postman”, “Melody” and others are perceived by the audience as illustrations of funny stories that take place in all the villages of our country.




One of the expositions of the exhibition is dedicated to the portrait genre. This exposition especially attracts those visitors who are related to the “Turkmenfilm” Association. The portraits of film actors Sapar Odaev and Kerim Annanov are very accurately, one might say, photographically executed. In this exposition, Bayramdurdy Nuryev showed himself in a new capacity.




The hero of the occasion in the national don and papakha to the sounds of live music of the quartet of violinists from the conservatory receives congratulations from Turkmen artists, art historians and intellectuals who are not indifferent to fine arts. A visit to the exhibition leaves a very pleasant impression and once again proves that we have many wonderful artists and one of them is Bayramdurdy Nuryev.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper