Beginning of new school year is marked by celebration events

School bells rung in the morning have announced about the beginning of new educational year on the Day of Knowledge and Students. School and university students of the capital took part in the flower laying ceremony to the Monument of Independence and to the monument of Berdimuhamed Annayev in secondary school No. 27 of Yzgant village, Gyoktepe etrap, Ahal Velayat. All educational facilities held the meetings where addressing of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with advice to young generation in the world of knowledge and great discoveries has been read out.

All around the capital, administration centres and rural areas hosted the ceremonies on occasion of new school year. There are more and more similar ceremonies with every year as new super modern pre-school facilities, secondary comprehensive schools, primary professional and high education institutes are opened in all places of our country. opening of number of modern educational facilities � five new and several renovated secondary schools as well as one kindergarten, has been timed to this September 1.

Schools for 620 students in Berme village, Baharden etrap, Ahal Velayat, for 600 students in the town of Gumdag and for 240 students in Serdar etrap, Balkan Velayat have opened the doors for children. School No. 1 for 1170 students in Serdar city has been completely renovated.

Two schools for 320 students each were opened in Bilal village, Dyanev etrap and Ters village, Koytendag etrap, Lebap Velayat. New kindergarten for 90 children was opened in Tallymerjen, Dovletly etrap.

In addition, other two schools were completely reconstructed in Ahal Velayat. These are school No. 17 for 1106 students in Kaahka town and secondary school No. 10 for 1050 students in Shukur Bakhshy village, Kaahka etrap.

All educational facilities are equipped in accordance with modern standards and have computers, which is mandatory requirement of large-scale programme of modernisation of national education system initiated by the Head of the State and realization of the reforms combining national spiritual values and practices with the world achievements in this field.

The youngest students � six-year old first grade pupils, have been welcomed at celebration meetings on occasion of new educational year in all comprehensive schools of the country. On behalf of the Head of the State, they all have been presented with notebooks, which would be real help for them from the first days of study. This tradition has been initiated in 2011, having become another demonstration of the care of education and harmonic development of children. This year, the computers were presented to 146,873 school students who went to the first grade. The first lessons in educational facilities were conducted under slogan Turkmenistan � the Heart of the Great Silk Road.

Traditional month of traffic safety has also started on the first day of autumn. Topical stands on compliance with traffic regulations have been made in secondary schools under this action, contests, sessions, meeting with specialists of traffic control on prevention of road traffic accidents would be organized in all educational facilities.

Organization of the events on road traffic safety in educational facilities of the country is held in close cooperation of the Ministry of Education with other profile ministries and departments as well as big public organizations and international agencies.

Celebration event has been held in Ashgabat music and song centre on occasion of the Day of Knowledge and Students.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper