Berdimuhamedov hopes for world experience in pricing when calculating prices for gas supplies to China

Earlier, the press services of the Foreign Ministries of Turkmenistan and China reported on the meeting of the heads of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Xi Jinping on February 5.

Later, the Turkmen state news agency TDH reported on some additional details of the negotiations .

The main topic of discussion was the increase in gas supplies to China. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov once again confirmed Turkmenistan's readiness to discuss issues of increasing the volume of gas supplies to China through the construction of the 4th pipeline, and also noted the need to determine the volumes of "blue fuel" planned for supplies to China.

The head of Turkmenistan also stated the importance of developing the second phase of the Galkynys field, which will be the main resource base for natural gas supplies to China via the fourth line (D). To this end, specialists from the two countries will hold talks on the construction of gas desulfurization plants, compressor stations, and a gas pipeline from the Galkynysh field to the border of Turkmenistan with a neighboring state.

β€œIt is also necessary to start discussing gas prices . We hope that Turkmen and Chinese specialists will proceed from world experience in the field of pricing for commercial pipeline gas . Upon reaching agreements, the Turkmen side may consider the issue of participation of a Chinese company in the development of the second phase of the Galkynysh field through direct investment from China, the return of which will be carried out by the supply of Turkmen gas ,” Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted.

The presidents decided that further work on this issue would be carried out by the Turkmen-Chinese and Chinese-Turkmen committees for cooperation.

The talks also touched upon the topic of healthcare. TDH writes that β€œa sign of sincere friendship on the part of China has become supply of 5 million doses of Chinese coronavirus vaccine to Turkmenistan has become a sign of sincere friendship on the part of China .”

At the Central Asia-China Summit on January 25, Xi Jinping announced that China would donate 50 million doses of vaccine to Central Asian countries in 2022, as well as establish traditional medicine centers in countries with such a need.

During talks with Kyrgyz President Sadyra Zhaparov on February 6, the President of China announced that the Chinese side had decided to provide Kyrgyzstan with an additional 5 million doses of vaccines against coronavirus and 50 million yuan (almost $7.9 million) in gratuitous security assistance.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan