Berdymukhamedov decided to turn Ashgabat into an “innovative metropolis”

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a working trip to the capital and at the request of Ashgabat's khyakim familiarized himself with the plans for the development of the capital, which should become an innovative megalopolis, reports the state agency TDH .

In the morning, the head of state arrived in the territory of the Choganly massif, where the officials were waiting for him, and in the pavilion an exposition of building layouts was presented.

In particular, the design developments of the complex of buildings and residential houses, which are planned to be built in the next ten years (2020-2030) in the Bagtyyrlyk district, were demonstrated. This project envisages the construction of a small town, including the buildings of the etrap khyakimlik and other administrative bodies, enterprises of the service sector and social facilities.

Thus, the new town will be built on the site of the former Choganly district, where for several years the authorities demolished houses.

Then Berdymukhamedov reviewed the construction projects of the new buildings of the Turkmen National Conservatory and D. Ovezov's music school, which are proposed to be located opposite the A´┐Żlem Cultural and Entertainment Center in 10 Yyl Abadanchylyk Street, or, according to the second option, along Archabil Avenue opposite the Mir-7 massif "- said the publication.

Also presented were the concepts of construction of additional buildings of the State Academy of Arts, the training center of the State Medical University and two hostels, multi-level parking lots and the flower market.

The president paid particular attention to the projects of residential complexes that are planned to be built in the Kyoshi massif.

The President ordered to use in the construction of world experience and modern techniques. Residential buildings, kindergartens should be at a distance from intercity highways and high-speed autobahns. To ensure that these details were taken into account at the planning stage, Berdymukhamedov ordered the creation of a special group for peer review of construction projects.

The officials present were also instructed to analyze the principles of effective organization of urban economy in developed countries. For example, "it is reasonable to use precipitation - the rainwater harvesting system will allow it to be directed to watering lawns."

TDH reports that in order for Ashgabat to become an innovative metropolis, the president ordered to attract for the construction young modern-minded specialists, including students of the architectural and construction institute and the Academy of Arts.

On the eve of the "Chronicle of Turkmenistan" reported that in Ashgabat demolish the extension of residential buildings to expand the parking lot.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan