Berdymukhamedov ordered the government to seek investment and currency, speed up vaccinations and provide markets with food

During a cabinet meeting on December 3, Deputy Prime Minister Shakhym Abdrakhmanov , who is in charge of the oil and gas industry, reported to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the situation in the oil and gas sector, the state information agency TDH reported .

According to Abdrakhmanov, the production facilities exceeded the plans for the production of gasoline, bitumen and polypropylene, for the production and export of natural gas and for the development of investments.

Nevertheless, the President ordered to more effectively use the potential of the oil and gas industry, expand the range of products, attract more investments, accelerate the development of fields in the Caspian, create new enterprises and strictly monitor the progress of construction of the TAPI gas pipeline.

The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of trade, Chary Gylydzhov, was instructed to increase the production of consumer goods and develop measures to support small and medium-sized businesses, especially travel companies, increase the volume of export products and promote them abroad through advertising.

Also, the Deputy Prime Minister must create large technological innovative companies capable of self-financing and "solving issues of development of individual industries."

Separately, Gylydzhov was instructed to keep under constant control the provision of the country's markets and stores with goods and products and to prevent price increases.

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of agriculture, Esenmyrat Orazgeldiev , was instructed by the president to control seasonal work in the fields, clean up irrigation and drainage canals and pay special attention to the rational use of water resources.

Previously , HT correspondents and experts have repeatedly reported on the deplorable state of the irrigation system in Turkmenistan. The canals have not been cleaned for decades, and their ill-conceived design leads to huge water losses due to its seepage into the ground through the sandy bottom, which, in turn, leads to a rise in groundwater and soil salinization.

President Berdimuhamedov instructed the general director of the Agency for Transport and Communications Mammetkhan Chakyev to strictly control the financial stability of transport agencies (Turkmen Railways, Turkmenavtodorogi, Turkmensvyaz, Turkmen Airlines and Turkmen Sea and River Routes) affected by the antique measures.

Deputy Prime Minister Myahrijemal Mammedova, responsible for culture and media, spoke about various celebrations and cultural events in 2021.

“The successes and achievements of the country over the years of independent development were widely covered in the print media, on television and radio channels, Internet sites,” Mammedova said.

Berdymukhamedov instructed the Deputy Prime Minister to prepare the next celebrations in honor of the Day of Neutrality (December 12) and the New Year, as well as improve the quality of TV programs.

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of healthcare, education, science and sports Sapardurdy Toylyev spoke about holding various Olympiads for pupils and students, organizing international scientific conferences, commissioning hospitals in the Balkan velayat, about the start of construction of two hospitals in Ashgabat, athletes medals at international competitions.

After the report, the head of state ordered Toilyev to accelerate the vaccination of the population (it is not specified whether it is about vaccination against coronavirus - HT), as well as to cooperate more closely with the World Health Organization (WHO), which makes “an invaluable contribution to the consistent implementation of large-scale transformation programs for the integrated development and improvement of national health care ".

Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov was ordered by the President, “given the difficult situation in the world,” to start preparing plans for international events and trips for next year, as well as to organize the dispatch of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in the near future.

Summing up the meeting, President Berdimuhamedov expressed satisfaction with the events held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the country's independence, GDP growth of 6.2% and an increase in production volumes.

However, the head of state spoke about the decline in investment volumes since the beginning of the year, the slow process of privatization, industrialization, digitalization, and the production of import-substituting products.

“A number of industries are still not working properly,” Berdymukhamedov said.

The President reminded the members of the government about the need to fulfill the task of receiving foreign currency into the country .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan