Berdymukhammedov meets members of Parliament to discuss a two chamber Parliament

On 11 February, 2020 President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov held a meeting with members of Turkmenistan's Parliament.

The key topic of the meeting, bringing together members of the Cabinet of Ministers, ministers, law enforcement officials and NGO representatives, was the formation of a two chamber Parliament.

The state information agency TDH reports that in addressing the audience, the President emphasized that there is a wonderful national tradition in Turkmenistan to consult the people, be guided by its opinion when undertaking any responsible initiatives.

According to the head of state, this year the Parliament has to undertake many initiatives to improve domestic legislation and extend the authority of Parliament.

Citizens are actively discussing these issues which suggests the full support of the initiative on switching to bicameral Parliament, TDH quotes Berdymukhammedov. In this connection it was instructed to publish and present for consideration draft changes and amendments to the Constitution by July, followed by amendments in the laws On Khalk Maslakhaty, On the Majlis, On local government agencies as well as the Elections Code.

Moreover, members of Parliament have been charged with the task of modernizing the legislation:

to improve the insurance services;

to support the manufacture of import substitution products and create additional jobs;

to foster the development of a digital economy and attract investments;

to regulate the issues related to land plot allocation for construction sites;

to simplify the process of allocation of land plots and safeguard the implementation and leasing of houses built by entrepreneurs;

to adopt the document On electronic document, electronic document flow and digital services;

to adopt the law on the prevention of various types of virulent diseases;

to improve the quality of educational services provided in Turkmenistan and set up special ?lasses for gifted children;

to make amendments to the laws On Migration and On the Migration Office to improve the performance of the consular and migration services;

to determine the procedure for rendering international assistance during emergency situations.

After Berdymukhammedov's address, the Chairperson of Turkmenistan's Parliament Gulshat Mammedova gave his assurance that the initiatives on making amendments to the Constitution will be implemented taking into account the recommendations of the President.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan