Berdymukhammedov received the “Brave Turkmen” medal, including for “flying very complex military aircraft

On September 28, in honor of the 30th anniversary of independence, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov presented state awards to members of the Security Council, the TDH state news agency reported .

However, before that, the chairman of the Mejlis, Gulshat Mammedova said that the parliament adopted a Resolution on awarding the head of state with the medal of Turkmenistan "Türkmen edermen" ("Brave Turkmen")...

In the news about the awarding says that "as a result of the unprecedented efforts of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, modern military equipment is consistently at the disposal of the national Armed Forces - aircraft, helicopters and other military equipment."

TDH also emphasizes that "the president demonstrates an example of perfect ability, high skill, courage and courage in the management of military equipment, including very complex military aircraft ."

Medal and title "Türkmen edermen" established in December 2019. This medal is a state award and is awarded to servicemen and law enforcement officers for their personal courage in protecting the state, in ensuring the rule of law and law and order, in carrying out particularly important and difficult assignments, as well as for special merits in the performance of their official duties in conditions associated with risk for life. Medal recipients are also paid a one-time bonus equal to three times the minimum wage.

The President also received the Garassyz Türkmenistanyn Watan goragçysy anniversary medal.

On the same day, in honor of the Independence Day and for holding a military parade at a high level, Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov awarded the following titles:

the Commander of the Command of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Begench Annayev - Colonel;

the Chairman of the State Migration Service, Lieutenant Colonel Nazar Atagaraev - Colonel;

to the Chairman of the State Customs Service, Lieutenant Colonel Maksat Khudaykulyev - Colonel;

Minister Adalat of Turkmenistan, Senior Counselor of Justice Begmurat Mukhamedov - the qualification class of the State Counselor of Justice of the 3rd class.

The heads of the law enforcement agencies also received the anniversary medal “Garassyz Türkmenistanyn Watan goragçysy” and a memorial sign - the national manat “Altyn saý”.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan