Berdymukhammedov reprimands the CEO of the Central Bank for disrupted ATM service

The state information agency TDH reports on 19 August President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov held a video conference with members of the government, in the course of which he issued a reprimand to Chairperson of the Central Bank Merdan Annadurdyev for disrupted ATM operations.

The head of state was quoted as saying that there are sufficient funds in credit institutions, which need to be efficiently used to ensure troublefree operations of ATMs.

Let us recall that since early July queues have been formed in front of Ashgabat's ATMs. Hundreds of those willing to make cash withdrawals start queuing up from early in the morning.

Moreover, restrictions were imposed on the amounts of cash which can be withdrawn from a cash machine at a time.

The President drew attention to the problem only when the residents of the capital had been confronted with it. The inhabitants of the provinces have been constantly experiencing problems with cash withdrawals. For this reason they are urged to head to the capitals of velayats (regions) or to Ashgabat to be able to withdraw their salaries or retirement allowances.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan