Best employees of environmental protection sphere are awarded with the prizes on behalf of the Head of the State

The event, timed to the World Environmental Day, was organized by the National Trade Union Centre and the State Committee for Natural Protection and Land Resources. Leading specialist of the trade union committee of the agricultural complex of National Trade Union Centre Guncha Karayeva highlighted that it became a good tradition to make special mention of the work of people who achieved high results in professional activity and actively participating in social life of the country.

Head of Flora and Fauna Protection Department of Ahal Velayat Department of Natural Protection Mekan Annadurdiyev is one of them. In the conversation, he noted that summer time is very responsible period for ecologists. They face large work for protection of thousands of hectares of artificial forests from fire. Biological and technical prevention measures are undertaken for this purpose together with Fire Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other security forces. The inspectors of the department also control pistachio picking in Badhyz, carry on counting of hoofed mammals and monitoring of fauna variety in Kopetdag, watch hibernating birds in different water pools including collectors and pool of Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake, protect the population of wild species of plants in Syunt Hasardag.

Durdymuhammet Hommadov works for almost forty years in land tenure field. At present, he is the Head of Land Monitoring Department, which personnel coordinate the measures for protection and scientifically proven use of land resources. Durdymuammet mentioned that the department cooperates with number of organizations, government departments and agencies managing land tenure. These are the structures of agro industrial complex including horse and livestock breeding and plant growing. Issues of purposeful use of lands and economic activity are solved by joint efforts. Rationality and responsibility are the main conditions of the activity. Ecological policy is aimed at protection of unique Turkmen grey desert soils, Karakum's pastures, cultivated irrigated lands and virgin areas of foothills and deserts.

Gulnara Kuliyeva is a leading specialist of the State Ecological Expertise of the Environmental Protection Department and deals with analysis of correspondence of industrial, social and civic facilities with natural protection legislation. After adoption of the Law of Turkmenistan On Wastes, opportunities for improvement of ecological situation and implementation of green technologies at domestic production enterprises were opened. Natural protection measures are compulsory component of business plans and development strategies of the enterprises. Inspectors of ecological control visit factories and plants performing ecological monitoring providing consultative support in modernization of production taking into account environmental component.

Lecturers and scientists of the Agricultural University, which made reports on priority aspects of natural protection policy like protection of biodiversity, combating desertification, water range of problems and realization of National forest programme. Ecological measures under activity of International Fund for Saving of the Aral Sea where Turkmenistan is chairing until 2019 were also discussed during the meeting.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper