Best Horse Breeders Receive Honors

The Public Organizations Center has hosted a grand ceremony to present foremost professionals of the horse breeding industry with state awards: the Garaşsyz Türkmenistana Bolan Beýik Söýgüsi Üçin Order, the Gaýrat Medal, the Watana Bolan Söýgüsi Üçin Medal, as well as badges of honorary titles of Türkmenistanyň At Gazanan Atşynasy and Türkmenistanyň Halk Atşynasy in honor of National Turkmen Horse Day.

The national awards and titles were bestowed on the individuals in recognition of their meaningful contributions to the horse-breeding sector, their professionalism and efforts to preserve the characteristic traits, breeding performance of Akhalteke horses (regarded as a national treasure and a source of pride for our people) and to enhance their worldwide fame.

During today’s extended Cabinet session and 10th meeting of the International Association of Akhalteke Horse Breeding, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov thanked members of the Association for their fruitful efforts to develop horse breeding in our country and beyond, and announced a decision to give them the high state awards and titles, having signed the relevant Decrees.

Among those attending the award ceremony were Vice-Premier E. Orazgeldyev, senior officials and representatives of public organizations, who extended their warm congratulations to the breeding industry professionals on their state decorations and honorary titles, wishing them more success ahead in their noble profession.

Accepting their awards, the honorees expressed their sincere gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the recognition and high praise for the work they had performed, having assured that they would continue to make significant contributions to the popularization of ‘heavenly’ horses worldwide and the improvement of their defining characteristics.

Today, leading workers of the sector were handed over keys to new apartments in the modern village of Aba Annaev in Kyarizek gengeshlik, Geoktepe etrap, Akhal velayat on the occasion of National Turkmen Horse Day. Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper