Best in profession

A competition of professional skills among employees of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan has started. It involves the personnel of gas turbine and steam power plants and teams of production associations of the State Electrotechnical Corporation "Turkmenenergo". During the Competition, which will last until September 9, it is supposed to assess the level of professional skills and training of personnel working in the energy sector.

Competitions are held in several stages and in different categories. In preparing the Competition, the experience of the participants was taken into account in accordance with their functional duties in organizations. So, on the basis of the Mary State Power Plant, the personnel of all gas turbines (operators and leading engineers for the automatic control system), as well as shift supervisors of the turbine and boiler shops of steam power plants, took part in the competition. Participants of the competition had to confirm their qualifications with knowledge of theory and the latest technologies, operating techniques, safety precautions, the ability to prevent emergencies on the equipment entrusted to them. To test knowledge and skills, in particular, a gas turbine simulator was used, which serves to train power engineers.

Employees of electric networks of all velayats and cities of Turkmenistan, as well as masters of the specialized software "Turkmenenergoremont" competed on the basis of the production association "Lebapenergo". Competitive tasks were performed by employees of services servicing power transmission and distribution lines, devices, electrical substations, and relay protection devices.

Most of the brigades and employees of energy facilities participating in the competition confirmed their high qualification. The winners of the competition will be awarded valuable gifts, cash prizes and certificates of honor. As part of the cultural program prepared by the trade union of power engineers, the participants of the competition will visit the oldest Hindu Kush power plant on the Murghab River.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper