Birds nesting season starts at the wetlands of Dashoguz Velayat

The personnel of Kaplankyr State Natural Preserve perform monitoring of the species and routes of birds' migration and inspect the habitats of water and other birds. In this year, the nesting season falls on climate standard for this area.

Rich plantation and fish reserves of Sarakamysh, Aybovur and Zengibaba Lakes attracts numerous water birds like pochards, ducks, sandpipers, cormorants and swans for permanent and temporary habitation. There are predator birds as well. Regular natural protection activities held in the place of the largest birds gathering and safe conditions made for their habitation favoured the fact that the northern region became the centre of ornithological territories, which are registered in the Red Book of Turkmenistan.

Complex measures for environmental protection have been developed and successfully implemented in Turkmenistan. Careful treatment of water, land and forest resources, flora and fauna, protection of ozone layer and tree and shrub planting are the important elements of ecological policy. Massive tree planting are carried out all over. Forest tracts like artificial green zone made in Boytendag Height in Dashoguz Velayat, which prevents degradation of lands bordering Aral region, are created. Recently, large investment ecological projects for improvement of water supply and soil reclamation were successfully implemented in Dashoguz Velayat.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper