Bishkek City Hall terminates lease agreement with Eye Microsurgery Hospital

The Bishkek City Hall terminated the lease agreement with Eye Microsurgery Hospital, which had occupied premises in the Clinical Hospital No. 6 for many years.

Officials from the City Hall and the Municipal Property Management Department came to the private clinic of Almazbek Ismankulov on March 11, showed the decision and asked to vacate the building.

The head of the Eye Microsurgery Hospital is Almazbek Ismankulov, who was arrested by a court decision and is in Bishkek remand center 1. A criminal case on corruption charges was initiated against him and officials of the City Hall of the capital. They are suspected of «criminal acts with the aim of illegally obtaining material benefits and other privileges.»

«It was found out during an inspection that the head of the hospital and several responsible officials of the structural divisions of the Bishkek City Hall committed criminal acts in order to illegally obtain material interests and other privileges. Despite the fact that the building of the 2nd unit of Clinical Hospital No. 6 is not subject to lease to individuals, and despite the acute shortage of hospital beds, they illegally rented it out with deliberately lowering size of the rent. As a result, the state suffered material damage in the amount of 93,162,576 soms. The investigation is ongoing,» statement of the Prosecutor General’s Office said.

Source: News Agency