Border areas await the visit of the Presidents of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

Sources at Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that the Presidents of Turkmenistan and of Uzbekistan are expected to meet on 24 April. However, it is not clear yet where the meeting is scheduled to be held.

As of today, serious preparatory work for the visit of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov is underway in Dashoguz velayat, bordering Uzbekistan.

It has been previously reported that, in the run-up to the visit of the head of state, public utilities employees cleaned the streets, swept curbs and irrigation ditches and planted trees.

However, during the night of April 15 a strong dust storm hit the region leaving a thick layer of dust on all roads.

It should be mentioned that the security measures which are being undertaken by the local authorities considerably exceed the standard precautionary measures during the visits of the Turkmen president.

In particular, public sector employees, who are sent to greet the President, are required to present a three-generation certificate to be checked. The executives of the organizations are obliged to provide personnel records of those who will be sent to participate in the red carpet welcome of the president.

People of pre-retirement age, pregnant females and those who have untrustworthy relatives are not included in the list of those who are assigned to take part in the events. This has not happened in the past. On the contrary, the maximum number of people were sent to greet the President.

According to the sources of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, preparations for some festivities will be taking place simultaneously in the Khorezm region of Uzbekistan and at the border with Dashoguz velayat of Turkmenistan.

In particular, there is a village of Gaibul, a compact settlement of ethnic Turkmens in this area. A new Turkmen school, an outpatient policlinic centre, a kindergarten and several apartment blocks were built there last year. The president of Turkmenistan is expected to attend the opening ceremony.

It appears that the heads of state will visit both regions one after the other

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan