Brutal murder of Kyrgyz woman in Turkey: Accused sentenced to life in prison

Court of Turkey found a man guilty of murder of his daughter-in-law (a citizen of Kyrgyzstan) and sentenced him to life imprisonment. Local media reported.

The tragedy happened on the evening of October 12, 2021 in a house located in Tekirdag. The police detained 65-year-old Fehmi Adsiz on suspicion of murdering his 30-year-old daughter-in-law on the same day.

The investigation showed that Fehmi Adsiz stabbed the woman and then dismembered her body with a chainsaw. He put the severed limbs in the trunk of the car. Other body parts were found in the bathroom and in a trash can.

In his testimony, pensioner Fehmi Adsiz noted that his daughter-in-law repeatedly beat his grandchildren in his presence and they had conflicts because of this. He said that he warned the woman several times and asked her not to do it.

«On the day of the tragedy, I again heard my grandson crying. I came up and said: «Do you really have no heart, why are you beating him?» She replied that it was her child and she would do with him whatever she wanted. This made me angry. Therefore, I sent my wife to walk with the grandchildren and, staying at home with my daughter-in-law, stabbed her with a knife. I realized that she died when she stopped moving. To hide the traces of the crime, I decided to get rid of the body, dismembered it. At that moment, my wife came and found out what had happened, she and the neighbors called the police,» Fehmi Adsiz told.

After reviewing the case file, the 2nd High Criminal Court of Çorlu found the man guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

At the time of the murder, the husband of the 30-year-old Kyrgyz woman was at work. They have two children.

Source: News Agency