Building of new oil refining plants at the TCOR is planned

There is planned to build new technological facilities at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries and the Seydi oil refinery plans. That will bring the oil refining depth to a figure above 90%. This was reported by the newspaper ┬źNeutral Turkmenistan.┬╗

In particular, it is planned to create a complex of hydrotreating units for diesel fractions and gasolines, catalytic cracking and coking with a hydrogen production unit; catalytic cracking units of heavy residues of oil refining products, installations for the production of high-quality basic technical oils. All these installations will bring the depth of oil refining to an indicator above 90%.

Currently, the construction of delayed coking (UZC) and deasphaltization of tar (DAT) is nearing completion at TCOR. Putting them into operation, along with increasing the depth of oil refining, will increase the volume of liquefied gas, gasoline, diesel fuel and petroleum coke, as well as create additional jobs.

Source: Nebit-Gaz