Businessmen built canned food plant in Kerky etrap

Opening ceremony of modern plant for production of canned fruits and vegetables with annual output of 1 million of cans was held in Chakyr village.

Representatives of regional and local administrations, non-governmental organizations, elders and youth and local residents took part in the event.

Modern plant for production of canned food was built by A�akyn Dost Business Entity on beneficial bank loans. New facility has all links of modern processing production including workshops, freezers with total area of more than 100 square meters, warehouses, laboratory, boiler, administration building. The territory of new facility is planned and planted with trees.

The facility is equipped with automated bottling and rinsing lines, advanced laboratory hardware, computer control system, steam vessels and fire suppression system. All modes of sanitary control and conditions for personnel were made at the facility.

The plant, which opening created dozens of working places, will produce wide variety of canned food like compotes, jams, juices, pickles and marinades. The feedstock will be procured from local residents and farms. In the future, the entrepreneurs plan to rent 60 hectares of land for growing of fruits and vegetables.

Recently, national representatives of small and medium business have been increasing their input to successful solution of the objectives on the saturation of the market of the country with high quality goods, export of these goods and increasing of the rates of construction of hothouse farms and various workshops for processing of agricultural products. More than 2,000 entrepreneurs produce wide spectrum of food and industrial goods and work in the service sphere in Amudarya Valley. They have built dozens of hothouse complexes and numerous of processing facilities.

This process is increasing the rates. The construction of livestock complex in farmer association Azatlyk, Sayat etrap designed for production of 80 tons of meat and 600 tons of milk per year is under completion. In Darganata Village, local entrepreneurs build modern dairy plant, soft drink facility, vehicle service centre, ceramic bricks factory with annual production of 6 million pieces.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper