Cabinet meeting of Turkmenistan

On August 18 the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held the regular meeting of Cabinet council at which priority questions of the state life were considered.

The vice-chairman of Cabinet council M. Babayev reported on the carried-out work on further enhancement of a regulatory framework of the oil and gas industry, including, preparation of the draft document on streamlining of protective zones of the main pipeline objects.

This document developed according to the Law of Turkmenistan "About the main pipeline service" regulates the order of establishment of conservation zones along the route of the bulk distribution lines transporting oil and oil products, the natural and liquefied gas. It provides a complex of the relevant activities directed to environmental protection, safe operation and protection of pipelines, prevention of potential accidents. In particular, in the territory of conservation zones it is forbidden to place agricultural fields, to conduct a construction of apartment houses, roads, etc.

Having emphasized importance of the matter, the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov charged to the vice-chairman to study in detail international experience in the field of designing, a construction and commercial operation main oil and gas pipelines, providing their ecological safety. "It is necessary to fix the effective control system on a condition of power transport communications, as much as possible using for this purpose the latest technical developments, scientific achievements and innovations, including electronic sensors and other special equipment", the leader of the nation specified.

During the meeting questions of development of agricultural industry, the chemical industry, a construction and energy complex, transport and communication and also preparation for carrying out in the capital of the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts games, the organization of a television review of amateur singers "Yanlan, Diyarym!" were considered. Speaking about creation of the perfect communication system meeting international standards and providing quality of information communication, the President of Turkmenistan focused attention on feasibility of launching of the second national satellite.

The head of the state charged to analyse the organization of places of fixed storage of cars in Ashgabat in connection with high growth rate of its automobilization. As the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted, the intercepting parking zones were designed to relieve the motor transportation system of the capital. On such parking it is necessary to create all conditions in order that nonresident drivers, having left the machine on the parking in case of entry into the city, could reach freely any its point by a public transport. All car owners in Ashgabat shall be provided with parking spaces that machines should not accumulate in the yards of residential massifs, on roadsides, complicating transport movement in the city and making negative impact both on the environment, and on quality of life of people, the head of state told.

The President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed the Resolution on creation of Interdepartmental employment commission of young specialists in Turkmenistan. The Program of enhancement of system of employment of the youth who graduated higher educational institutions of Turkmenistan and the foreign states and also the actions plan on its implementation was developed. Among the key directions of this Program rendering the state support for the purpose of improvement of social living conditions of youth, in particular, provision of preferential crediting for acquisition or a construction of housing was determined.

The State program of development of the social humanities in Turkmenistan and the actions plan on its implementation was approved.

Farmers of the country are going to start sowing of the winter captive. In 2018 it is planned to take away under winter 760 thousand hectares of the earth and to prepare 1 million 600 thousand tons of grain.

On October 13-14 in the National tourist area Avaza it is planned to hold five-sided joint meeting of heads of ports of the Caspian states

At the cabinet meeting also other questions of the state life were also considered, relevant decisions on them were made.