Celebration concert in Mary and Ashgabat as well as The Binyat stage play are the final of the day

Celebration Concert was held on the square in front of the library in administration centre of Mary Velayat. Heads of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, representatives of public organizations, different ministries and departments, universities and scientific institutes, mass media, elders and students were among the participants.

The performance started from congratulations and wished addressed to the President of Turkmenistan on his birthday on behalf of all countrymen. It was followed by the performance of famous artists, best folk, opera and pop singers, dance and folk bands of the country, young talents who continue the traditions of national art.

The spectators appreciated an excellent musical performance, which included various genres and was supplemented by choreographic thematic compositions, with loud applauses. Ancient and everlasting kushtdepdy dance was the adornment of the celebration.

Broadcasting of the songs of the Head of the State performed by the author on huge monitor was pleasant surprise for the participants.

The celebration concert was held on the same evening in Arkadag Park of the capital. The programme of the concert included famous songs of outstanding Turkmen composers and poets as well as new works performed y popular singers, celebrities and new talented singers.

In addition, Magtumguly Turkmen National Music and Drama Theatre showed The Binyat stage play, which received high appraisal of art critics and fans of stage art.

The stage play narrates about one of heroic pages of the history of Turkmen nation from the book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Turkmenistan the Heart of the great Silk Road. This speaks how Oguz Turkmen army under command of brothers Togrulbek and Chagrybek from the Seljuk tribe has beaten the army of Gaznevi Soultan Masood and took over Khorasan in the battle of Dandanakan in 1040.

The brothers went to that small residence in the outskirts of the city of Myane to old man Abu Said for blessing. After, the brothers started their victorious march across Near East, which led to the foundation of huge Turkmen state of Great Seljuks.

Most of the characters of the play are real historical individuals. In addition, the play has new characters who add a fiction grip and help to convey the atmosphere of those times in order to show that nobody was aside even women and children in the battle under command of brave war leaders Chagrybeg and Togrulbeg.

Besides, leading masters of opera art, who played the main roles, artists of the theatre, the students of Turkmen State Institute of Culture and Turkmen State Culture and Art School were involved in mass scenes.

Source: Turkmenistan State News AgencyTDH