Celebration exposition is opened in the exhibition hall of the Centre of visual arts

The exhibition of painting and applied art works of Turkmen masters is opened by the picture of Valentin Kudryashov The State Flag Day. Happy teenager girl with large bowl of generous gifts of nature is portrayed on the background of the green canvas of national flag and time tears off the pages of the calendar, which one after another fall down. One of them with February 19 date stuck to the girl's bowl. Such original interpretation of celebration theme was presented by the famous artist and all what is unusual attracts the attention

Three landscapes of the Archabyl Gorge by Muratgeldy Kurbangeldiyeva rise invariable interest of the visitors. Muratgeldy tries to achieve absolute authenticity in his pictures thoroughly tracing out every leaf on the trees, every blade of grass and stone and owing to that, bracing freshness of babbling river and whisper of leaves on the tress seem to be tangible. The paintings convey pacification and picturesque nature impresses by the harmony.

Another natural breath-taking landscape is portrayed on the picture of Gahraman Gochmuradov Koytendag at the Sunset. Not any one can see tired sun casts its farewell gleams at the mountain slopes leaving the sky, which paints part of the mountains in pinkish orange and another part in ultramarine and cobalt blue. Gahraman Gochmuradov was lucky to be the witness of this unbelievable beautiful natural phenomenon and reproduced the play of colours and shades of the sunset in his work.

The visitors stop for quite time at the Apples on White Cloth still life by Kadyr Kadyrov. Mouth-watering apples, scattered around the table, look contrasting in the creases of snow white fabrics. It is worth mentioning that this theme is not new. Paul Susann highlighted effective contrast of red and white colours in his Still Life with Apples and Oranges. There is similar work in collection of Durdy Bayramov. The painters will continue using bright fruits placing them in the creases of white cloth to enhance the colour of live vegetable flesh and the visitors will enjoy the outcome of this neighbourhood.

Antique Still Life was represented by Merdan Kakabayev portraying the collection of artefacts discovered by archaeologists at Altyndepe excavations. Looking at this unusual still life, it unintentionally comes to your mind that once upon a time, many centuries ago, these clay fragments were jars and bowls, being the utilities of people of those times. They continue serving people in our days as fragments helping modern scientists to reveal great misteries of the past.

The set of woman jewelleries by Atamurad Hommadov attracted the interest of the visitors in jewellery section of the exposition. Made in national style, it rises admiration by compositional harmony and filigree work of the master.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper