Celebration exposition of the Museum of Visual Arts introduces the works of different generations of national painting school

Novruz holiday, symbolizing spring transformation, is associated with youth, beauty, good changes and optimism. These feelings embrace the visitors coming to see the pictures of topical exposition.

Plying Ball work of the legendary artist of the sixties Stanislav babikov is one of the brightest paintings of the exhibition. Rich colours of the palette of this painter always rise the interest of professionals and amateurs of the painting. The author portrayed young girls involved in the game. They are slender, beautiful and happy. This is their spring � the time full of optimistic expectations.

Organizers of the exhibition seem to be the admirer of the bright movement in Turkmen painting of the sixties of the last century. In the exposition dedicated to the spring, they referred to other works of that school. Ashgabat Spring by Mamed Mamedov attracts by unusual lilac-coloured and violet palette of colours. There is a portrait of a girl with radiant and wide-opened eyes on the background of the park. Such happy eyes can only belong to the woman in love. The canvas shares the mood of time and painting connoisseurs are able to feel it.

On the contrary, the dynamic plot of The Picker of Mulberry Springs for Silkworms by Durdy Bayramov is apprehended as a modern one. The author placed his characters, shining with energy of youth, on the hill just like on the podium, having highlighted the admiration of their beauty and diligence by this.

Along with the works of the leading figures of Turkmen painting, large visitors interest was attracted by students paintings from the Gold fund of the Academy of Arts. There are two batiks � The Joy by Jeren Umarova and Poppies by Bahar Glychguliyeva. The first one portrays two swallows flying over the pomegranate fruits. Jeren intentionally changed visual perception of the plot and the joy that is passed by the flight of the birds increase emotional message of the work.

Another batik shows the glade covered with scattered poppies. Bahar depicted pictorial beauty of the Kopetdag foothills during spring blossoming. Owing to laborious and skilful work with silk, the author managed to achieve maximum authenticity.

The visitors dwell for quite time at the picture of Manana Ishankuliyeva The Ballet Dancer. The artist portrayed her character not on the stage but in the dressing room where she graciously takes off her toes after successful performance. Made in soft white and pink tones, the picture is painted in watercolour and the opacity of the background made in non finito style (incompleteness) leave the feeling of lightness and delicacy. Manana is from Georgia and came to Turkmenistan with her own painting manner, which is based on original graphic style.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper